40 Things I Did In My First 40 Years

  1. Traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and many cities in the USA
  2. Road tripped from Texas to Montana
  3. Almost birthed Lily at home and purposefully had Vivi at home
  4. Bought a condo
  5. Bought a house
  6. Got my motorcycle license
  7. Got married
  8. Got divorced
  9. Had multiple solo-backpack trips
  10. Got 8 tattoos over the span of 15 years
  11. Fainted in Amsterdam while getting a piercing
  12. Traveled solo to Vegas to see Lady Gaga in concert
  13. Saw Nick Cave in San Fran
  14. Saw Dolly Parton in Spokane
  15. Saw ELO in San Fran
  16. Saw Ani DiFranco in Paris
  17. Saw Tori Amos in San Diego
  18. Saw Elton John (and many, many more concerts) in Missoula
  19. Got a double Bachelors
  20. Got my Masters
  21. Took courses at Harvard and Wharton
  22. Was Kate in Taming of the Shrew
  23. Played violin for Up With People shows and in the pit for Fiddler on the Roof
  24. Self-diagnosed spontaneous intracranial hypotension
  25. Broke my collar bone
  26. Started multiple blogs
  27. Lost 40 pounds and gained back 30
  28. Had my writing published in a Canadian magazine and in Mamalode
  29. Created the grocery store exhibit at the Children’s Museum
  30. Was featured in the Missoulian in high school for fashion – then also again as an adult AND was in Seventeen magazine (!)
  31. Cultivated a fantastic shoe collection
  32. Found a recovery program
  33. Discovered a love for baking (cooking too)
  34. Went winter backpacking on skis
  35. Rode in a hot air balloon
  36. Learned the flat peyote stich round
  37. Helicopter ride, float plane, dog sledding, glacier viewing in Juneau
  38. Dyed my hair every single color imaginable, had waist long hair, the Uma Thurman bob from Pulp Fiction, and a shaved head
  39. Figured out the perfect (singing) harmony for “A Whole New World”
  40. Became an auntie      

40 Things I Want To Do In My Next 40 Years

  1. Travel to Maine, Hawaii – CHECK! MARCH 2022, Australia, Austin, New Zealand, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Vancouver, New Orleans, Dollywood
  2. Food tour through Italy
  3. Eat at The French Laundry in Napa
  4. Hot air balloon festival somewhere
  5. Go back to Amsterdam
  6. Go back to Portland
  7. Always be reading multiple books/graphic novels at once
  8. See a show in NYC on Broadway
  9. Self-publish something
  10. Learn a dance (salsa, tango)
  11. See Lady Gaga’s jazz/piano show in Vegas – CHECK! OCTOBER 2021
  12. Be able to re-create my first (perfect) batch of macarons
  13. Sing “White Rabbit” publicly for karaoke
  14. Go to Burning Man
  15. Volunteer for MT Youth Challenge Academy (and always be involved in something service oriented)
  16. Make writing a daily practice
  17. Become an empty nester
  18. Buy a motorcycle or scooter
  19. Travel on said motorcycle or scooter
  20. Have a spa vacation
  21. Have a vacation where I sit in the shade on a beach with a book.  The entire time.
  22. Be able to work into my budget a monthly massage
  23. Continuing working on my own recovery
  24. Continuing using my art degree for decorating cakes and taking selfies
  25. Be the winning bid in more art live auctions
  26. See Britney Spears in concert
  27. Actually listen to podcasts
  28. Write a screen play
  29. Film a short movie for HUMP fest
  30. Catalog my current artwork
  31. Buy SO MUCH MORE original work
  32. Paint every wall in my house
  33. Paint my fence rainbow
  34. Speak/present at a conference
  35. Form a violin/acoustic duo with my sister
  36. Write a business plan for a NA “bar”
  37. Buy a (convertible) Corvette
  38. Start recycling and composting again
  39. Be in a band
  40. Do another boudoir photo shoot

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