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Cool Girl

Author’s Note:  I wrote the “11 year old” post a year ago.  That’s how efficient I am at publishing blog posts now, apparently.  Thanks to Grandma for letting me host her 12th birthday party at her house, also! Lily recently … Continue reading

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Not a Disposable Life

Growing up, my mother was a fantastic keeper of memories in the photographic sense.  My sisters and I would spontaneously select an album from the book shelf and thumb through the pages, hesitating over specific pictures and remembering our childhood … Continue reading

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One Week

On Friday, I drop the kids off at school and kiss them good-bye. A week passes, quickly and suddenly, and I find myself in the midst of Friday once again. As I load the backpacks and snow pants and library … Continue reading

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“This is Vivienne. She’s our dog.”

Lily wants a dog. I mean, really, really, really wants a dog. Various breeds of dogs adorn her room: stuffed dogs, tiny “puppy in my pocket” dogs, princess dogs with a castle, peeing dogs that Barbie must potty-train with included … Continue reading

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More than Sharing Genes

Dedicated to C & M: without you, I wouldn’t have learned how to boss people around so efficiently. Anyone who has siblings understands that being related to someone doesn’t automatically make you best friends. I know some people who have … Continue reading

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