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A Work in Progress

Where did we really begin? It was the first glance. If “OMG” and texting had been the norm, my friends would have been sick of hearing from me that day. It was the first kiss.  I liked him, oh so … Continue reading

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A Year in Happiness

I welcome the new year lovingly with open arms, laughter, and a smirk.  I flippantly wave goodbye to year 2011, a small part of me wondering if perhaps a double middle finger is in order (this is the same small … Continue reading

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Thirty Then, Thirty Now

To celebrate this milestone birthday, I decided to do something I do well: make a list.  What are your “then’s” and “now’s”? 30 Things I Did Before Turning 30 Graduated with two undergrad degrees in four years Traveled to Italy, … Continue reading

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Glimpses Into My Life of Hilarity

Driving in the car, Lily asks what a skyscraper is. “They are really tall buildings. You usually see skyscrapers in big cities where lots of people live.” “Yeah,” she replies, “But not in this tiny town.” * We dance a … Continue reading

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Giddiness and Glue

When we woke up this morning, I discovered that I am even more giddy about Christmas than my girls. At first, it appears to be a normal Friday: my husband, Jake, already at work, the three of us hanging out … Continue reading

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