Just Another Mom-Blogger

Instead of writing this week’s entry, I have been soaking up the words, thoughts and dreams of other mom-bloggers. These other writers inspire but also intimidate me. After clicking through another link, and another, and another, I find myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of how many of these types of blogs exist.

Why should I continue to write if everything I have to say has already been produced? I would by lying if I didn’t admit that I take pride in the knowledge that other people enjoy reading my blog, but this isn’t the sole reason I continue. I feel this necessity to make some sense out of the chaos in my head. This innate desire to express myself creatively, to add my own thoughts and dreams to the world in a more concrete way. Even if it has already been said, I can’t stop saying it in my own words.

Reading these other blogs also makes me think about different kinds of moms, and specifically, the kind of mom I choose to be each day.

I am the kind of mom who:

makes her kids say “please may I have” before giving them something.

types away with one daughter napping and the other glued to PBS & Playhouse Disney cartoons.

believes you should hold your ground and follow through on what you tell your children – and not buy them the candy/put on the movie/let them wear pjs to the store – just to get them to stop bugging you about it.

doesn’t think you have to clean your plate before eating dessert.

wants to instill confidence and creativity in her kids.

thinks she has too much crap in her house, but can’t help dreaming about garage sale steals and the illusion of “new.”

at times feels hopeless, overwhelmed, and oh so tired.

sings everyday.

feels so disconnected from the other preschool moms who work out/shop/spa in between drop off and pick up.

does not believe in hitting (yes, spanking is hitting) your kids. Ever.

hates going to birthday parties where the kid rips through presents without uttering anything remotely close to “thank you.”

is still bitter about her baby weaning herself at 10 months old.

wants to pull her own hair out after spending a day with her sick and whiny kids.

is scared about the pre-teen years, especially in the age of instant gratification in communication via facebook, twitter, texting.

thinks using nicknames for vagina and penis is ridiculous.

sometimes buys toys because she wants to play with them more than her kids do.

tries to live each day in gratitude.


What kind of mom are you?  What kind of mom do you hope to become?


Some of my favorite mom-bloggers (so far!):

Get Born magazine/blog

Reflections of a Mama

The Evolving Homemaker

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3 Responses to Just Another Mom-Blogger

  1. Melissa Lahmon-Vasquez says:

    I am not a mom yet….but when i do become a mom i see myself being…well something like you! I think your a wonderful mom and a wonderful big sister! i love you =) Everyday i spend with lily…i see the huge smile on her face when you come home. She loves you more then anything in the world and i think that is so special! She is my little sister and your my older sister. I have admired you my whole life and now i find lily trying to be like me. It’s so cute because even when i’m making food for myself she always wants what i’m having. I know that when i make a hot pocket i ned to make something else because lily is going to ask for half of it 🙂 You have always been there for me and are more special to me than a sister. I feel like i need to be a good role model for lily because you were such a good role model for me! I love you =)

  2. www.theevolvinghomemaker.com says:

    I would like to become a patient Mom. Not the yelly Mom I become when I am trying to avoid giving in to the candy…pj’s…t.v….lol!


  3. Anya! Just finding your blog…yep, there are LOADS of us out there. For the most part I’ve found it’s all good and inspiring stuff. Love your list. Keep writing.

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