Giddiness and Glue

When we woke up this morning, I discovered that I am even more giddy about Christmas than my girls. At first, it appears to be a normal Friday: my husband, Jake, already at work, the three of us hanging out in our pajamas, the girls half watching a movie and half scattering toys all over our living room, me checking facebook and sipping strong coffee. But then I remember. Today is Christmas! And tomorrow is Christmas too! Hence the giddiness.

All the little moments this month have made me smile: decorating gingerbread houses, taking the longer route home to look at lights, creating photo glass pebble magnets to give as gifts, lighting candles in our menorah (we decided to celebrate a mishmash of traditions this year), counting down the days on the advent calendar, hanging unbreakable ornaments on our three-foot, already lit, fake tree.

And oh, what a pretty tree it is. My mom kept every single one of the ornaments I made during my preschool years and handed them down to me when we bought our own house. Many of these adorn the branches this year.  Jake said, “We have a child in pre-school. She is making ornaments now. You have to get rid of your old ones!” But, due to my pack-rat-issues, I cannot yet dispose of my creations, especially this one, which shows me at Lily’s age:

A couple of mornings ago Vivienne was walking around munching on something, which I didn’t really pay attention to as 1) I was rushing around trying to get ready and 2) This is a pretty normal occurrence. She has the scavenger gene.

But then I notice she’s by the Christmas tree again. And this time she comes up to me, says, “Mmmmm!” and shows me the 25-year-old pretzels, coated in Elmer’s glue, and proceeds to shove them into her mouth.

Crap. Maybe Jake was right.

Old gross ornaments aside and back to my giddiness. What really makes my heart soar is that soon we will spend today with my family, tomorrow with my in-laws (and my new nephew!), and have set aside tonight as our own little family’s’ celebration. Bring on the Christmas, baby.

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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