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Just Another Mom-Blogger

Instead of writing this week’s entry, I have been soaking up the words, thoughts and dreams of other mom-bloggers. These other writers inspire but also intimidate me. After clicking through another link, and another, and another, I find myself feeling … Continue reading

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Breathe a Little, Push a Little: The One Year Journey

“I’ve done it once before, accidentally almost at home. Figured I would do it at home this time on purpose!” I remember saying something to this effect to anyone who asked me why I was planning to have a home … Continue reading

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The New Guilt

Last week, another one of my co-workers gave her notice. She recently had a baby and wants to be a full-time stay at home mom for the foreseeable future. In the wide circle of women I am acquainted with, this … Continue reading

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Four years ago, on this day, at 3:04pm, Lily burst into this world, wide-eyed and full of life. On this day, at that exact moment, someone else was also born. I realize that the physical act of giving birth does … Continue reading

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A “Short Fuse” Kind of Day

Nothing tests a person’s patience like their own children. Being a mom has made me face the sometimes ugly realities of how I deal with my own emotions. For the most part, I consider myself to be a very patient … Continue reading

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