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Vampire Dreams & Pregnancy Desires

Some women fantasize about their doctors or their husband’s best friend during pregnancy. For me, it was only Edward. I blame (or maybe the appropriate word is “thank”) the organizer of my book club – she picked the Twilight saga … Continue reading

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I love you, but sometimes I really don’t like you.

Yesterday, I gorged myself on a bottle of wine, a soft prawn/ravioli/red pepper aioli appetizer, the duck breast with mango risotto and kale, a chocolate molten lava cake with chocolate ice cream AND lemon-cantaloupe sorbet with my husband, Jake. Last … Continue reading

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Breathe a Little, Push a Little: The One Year Journey

“I’ve done it once before, accidentally almost at home. Figured I would do it at home this time on purpose!” I remember saying something to this effect to anyone who asked me why I was planning to have a home … Continue reading

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Seeking: Housewife

We have reached a breaking point. Our lives are filled to the brim, thankfully with projects we’re passionate about, people we absolutely adore and jobs we love, but nonetheless, busy to the point of insanity. When we purchased our first … Continue reading

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