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“She’s Very Advanced, You Know”

Part of the joy of being a parent is experiencing the rapid growth and change that a baby undergoes during the first years. Watching your tiny helpless lump of a baby start to turn into a little person who moves … Continue reading

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More than Sharing Genes

Dedicated to C & M: without you, I wouldn’t have learned how to boss people around so efficiently. Anyone who has siblings understands that being related to someone doesn’t automatically make you best friends. I know some people who have … Continue reading

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The Family Bed

We made the switch after Lily was born. The double bed had been doable when it was just the two of us; slightly uncomfortable while I was pregnant; totally irrational once a baby joined us every night. Ah, the wonders … Continue reading

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A “Short Fuse” Kind of Day

Nothing tests a person’s patience like their own children. Being a mom has made me face the sometimes ugly realities of how I deal with my own emotions. For the most part, I consider myself to be a very patient … Continue reading

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Share the Mama

You would have expected Lily to be jealous after the birth of her new baby sister.  You would have been wrong. I credit myself largely to starting off their sisterly relationship on the right foot.  One ice cream sundae play … Continue reading

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